CMS charitable


Lis4cg partners with Succession Capital Alliance to deliver the “power of choice” in life insurance policy financing. Succession Capital Alliance is an advisory firm that works with financial professionals to help clients achieve optimal customization in life insurance financing through its proprietary Capital Maximization Strategy. Capital Maximization Strategy was created in 1996 by Succession Capital Alliance’s CEO, Julian Movsesian. As the first traditional premium financing program in the country, Capital Maximization Strategy is known as the “gold standard” of the insurance industry, placing over $30 billion of life insurance protection with a financed premium portfolio exceeding $3.1 billion. Utilizing proprietary, proven strategies to add value to permanent life insurance for high net worth clients, Capital Maximization Strategy is recognized as the country’s most advantageous and reputable program by financial professionals, attorney and life insurance carriers.


CMS charitable can double or even triple deferred charitable pledges, increase current charitable gifts, maximize charitable deductions and increase net inheritance to heirs. It is synergistic with CMS estate and CMS inforce. Working in concert with the client’s trusted advisors, fiduciaries and fundraising professionals, this strategy represents a medley of customized flexible proprietary designs that can be used by philanthropists who qualify with a minimum net worth of $25 million.