Services to Entrepreneurs

Mindy’s Services in a Nutshell

Mindy helps entrepreneurs become more profitable with ease by rapidly identifying and resolving critical blindspots. Blind spots represent mismatched elements of your work-style, work plan, or business model that hold you back. Find that blind spot inside of 4 hours with Mindy!

Your Roadmap To Success

1. CANVAS – Paint your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities on your illustrated personal canvas.

2. REFLECT – Team with Mindy to identify where your blind spots and best future are hiding.

3. REVISE – Use your strengths to correct your blind spots and change your business model.

4. ACT – Actualize your opportunities by changing how you work, live, and partner professionally.

How Mindy Works

Mindy utilizes a sequential pathway for generating results:

STEP 1: You complete the 4 hour Business Model Canvas session where you discover your blinds spots and create a road map to make a revolutionary change in your business model to reach your goals and boost revenues.

STEP 2: You transition to the 6 month Upgrade Your Business Life module. After completing STEP 1, you are guided to implementing the requisite changes to eliminate chaos, clarify your target market and increase cash flow.