About Mindy Mortlock

Mindy has empowered small businesses and non-profits to dramatically improve revenues and alleviate obstacles to success. She earned her certification in Fundamentals of Life Coaching and Core Curriculum of Organizational, Relationships, and Systems Coaching from the Coaches Training Institute in 2006.

Mindy remembers: In my twenties I worked for non-profits such as Native American Health Center and World Wildlife Fund, serving at-risk kids with Wilderness Leadership Programs and championing the survival of endangered species. I witnessed unsustainable business models, inefficient governance and grant processes. It sparked my interest in workplace productivity and cultivated a strong desire to help organizations perform at a high level.

In 2013, Mindy discovered Business Model You and it radically altered her methodology for helping clients quickly cut to the chase and eradicate blind spots in management, business strategy and work performance.

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