Lis4cg’s values in action are positive indicators of the organization’s core character strengths.

1. We recognize the crucial roles that development executives play in orchestrating major planned gifts for their institutions.

2. We practice the principles espoused in “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist. These principles describe how money can unleash the charitable heart by being a vehicle to fulfill our highest ideals and love and to discover new meaning in our lives:

a. Scarcity is a misconception that creates mis-allocation of precious global resources
b. Sufficiency is always available
c. What you appreciate appreciates
d. Collaboration creates prosperity
e. To change the world, we each must change the dream
f. Authentic living mandates that we take a stand
g. Conversation trumps avoidance and/or adversarial behavior every time
h. We’re put on this planet by a Creator to create a legacy of enough love, enough joy and enough hope.

3. Personal honesty and good judgment are the best guides to ethical and responsible conduct.

4. We abide by policy, laws, regulations and Professional Code of Ethical Principles and Standards for all industry and association affiliations including insurance, investments, fundraising and non-profit.

5. We promote economic, social, health, culture and environment in the United States and abroad by partnering with causes that promote sustainability in these areas while operating within nature’s limits.

6. Our long-term economic goal is to provide a business environment that maximizes our intrinsic value to donors, advisors and organizations.

7. We embrace a long-term partnership concept that encourages collaboration and cooperation with donors, advisors and organizations.

8. We will be candid in all our communications, emphasizing the pluses and minuses important in appraising financial transactions. Our guideline is to tell you the material facts that we would want to know if our positions were reversed. We owe you no less. Moreover, as a fiduciary enterprise, it would be inexcusable for us to apply lesser standards of accuracy, balance and incisiveness when communicating material facts than we would expect our own colleagues to apply to their own situation.  We also believe candor benefits each individual donor, advisor and stakeholder: The advisor who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private.

9. Despite our policy of candor, we will discuss our activities in charitable life insurance transactions only to the extent required to convey the essence of how the life insurance strategy serves charitable intentions.  Good insurance ideas are rare, valuable and subject to competitive appropriation just as good scientific research, product or business acquisition ideas are.  Therefore we normally will not talk about our life insurance ideas unless there is a substantial and direct business reason for doing so.