Corporate Structure

The founder commenced operations on January 2, 2008 as a for profit proprietorship doing business as Life Insurance Services for Charitable Giving (Lis4cg). Effective April 28, 2014, Lis4cg became a for profit corporation in the State of California.

As a for profit corporation, Lis4cg focuses in three areas. First, we facilitate life insurance policies that benefit family office structures and charitable tax exempt organizations. Second, we help mid-size family offices. Third, we help the small business owner secure seed capital.

Lis4cg Serves The Charitable Heart

Does altruism originate in the heart or the mind?  Scientific research suggests that the genesis of desire is electrical impulses originating in the heart, not the mind.  These electrical impulses migrate in less than a blink of the eye from heart to brain where in turn they are routed to the body’s extremities in order to carry out distinct physical actions. It seems that beliefs, values and actions are intricately linked to electrical impulses originating in the heart. Literally and figuratively, Lis4cg serves the charitable heart.